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Biographical Information

Date of Birth of Shaheed Bhagat Singh :28th September 1907
Place of Birth 105 Chack Gugera Branch Tehsil Jarhanwala, Distt Faisalabad (Earlir known as Lyallpur (Now in Pakistan) ancestrol village Khatkar Kallan Distt : Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar (earlier Nawan Shehar which was carved out of Jallandhar District) .
His grandfather Sardar Arjan Singh father S Kishan Singh , uncle S Ajit Singh and S Sawaran Singh were born in this village. The family shifted to chack 105 GB Banga in the begining of 20th century

Some Important Announcements

15th May is birthday of Shaheed Sukhdev ,a great revolutionary who was born in Ludhiana where is birth place is now a national monument. It is situated in Nau Ghara It is approachable through Chaura Bazar Ludhiana.

28th May is martyrdom day of Shaheed Bhagwati Charan Vohra,a great revolutionary who was not only among the pioneers of idea of socialism but contributed to the formation of Naujawan Bharat Sabha . He encourged and trained his wife Durga Devi most popularly known as Durga Bhabi and sisterly figure Sushila Didi to be great revolutionaries. He was a thinking brain behind the Hindustan Socialist Revolutionary Association . While working on a plan to rescue Bhagat Singh and B K Dutta from Jail , he went for testing of bomb on the banks of River Ravi ,which burst prematurly killing him. His sacrifice is great chapter of history,

24th August is birthday of Shaheed Rajguru,a great revolutionary who was born in Khera ( Now known as Rajguru Nagar near Poona) where his birth place is now a national monument.

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